How many exams are there in ACCA?

How many exams are there in ACCA? What are the different subjects?

Zaheer Abbas Sayed 1852 days ago

Hi Nidhi there are a total of 13 papers, of which 3 are knowledge level, 6 are skill and 4 are in professional level. In professional Level, there are 2 papers that are compulsory and the remaining 2 needs to be selected from the 4 choices available (tax, costing, finance management and audit advance papers).


Kirtan Shah 1842 days ago   

Do I have to appear for exams in group like CA?

Zaheer Abbas Sayed 1842 days ago   

Hello Kirtan, the best part of doing ACCA is the flexibility of giving individual papers. Therefore there are no groups, no issues with aggregate of marks and you only need to focus on 1 paper making your dream of becoming chartered accountant in 3 years possible. All the best!
Sonali jain 1487 days ago

Hi ACCA contains 13 papers in total. But there are certain exemptions for every student. You can have a better clarity with these two links which will tell you about the subjects along with their cost and the exemption elligibility as well. For exemption elligibility: Thanks!

venky siva 1424 days ago

For the structured ACCA Course and all the guidence for the exam you can checkout:


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