Important Announcement

Important Announcement

   What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! Fortunately the exams are done however the unfortunate thing was the technical difficulties that students faced. Ofcourse with the exams out of the way, it is important that students who faced issues with their exams have taken the below steps to ensure that the problems get redressed.


Firstly the students who were able to complete the paper however felt that there were issues while doing the exam like system down, constant interaction with invigilator, late launch, abrupt closure of the exam though your paper was done, for all of these issues you need to raise the ticket on the myacca portal through mitigating circumstances. What this does is provide the examiner the background to the issues you faced which they can then consider while marking your papers. Though there is no official communication if this provides any form of grace marks etc. however it would good if the examiner knows these issues and can consider while marking the paper. The path to raise the mitigating circumstances is My ACCA - My Qualification - Mitigating Circumstances.The last day to submit the application is 22nd September for the current session. Below is the write up that has been sourced from the ACCA website about timelines, do raise the issue giving the required details.

“It is important for you to provide any documentary evidence you may have in relation to your circumstances. You must contact ACCA with details of any mitigating circumstances you wish to be considered by 22 September for the September session, in order for the situation to be considered during the results process. Additional documentation submitted after 22 September 2020 may not be considered.” – FAQ’s on ACCA Website


The second scenario is where students have not been able to do the exams at all. The issues that students faced were the exam check in didn’t start, the check in was completed however the exam never launched, the invigilator revoked due to webcam etc. issues, the exam got abruptly closed etc. In all of these issues the exams were not completed successfully therefore the students would need to send an email to the ACCA team to request for the refund. Hopefully if the issues weren’t from your end, the ACCA team will do credit the exam fees back into your account. The ACCA team has been very liberal and have refunded in majority of the case for the exams that were cancelled last week. The email detailing the issue should be sent to and Hopefully the issue would be resorted.

 We all should agree that though this has been a challenge for some of the students especially the Professional Level student who didn’t get the second chance to sit the exams, the ACCA team did try their level best to make sure the students get a chance to sit the exams even in such pandemic times. Wish you all the very best, now time to gear up for the next session in December.


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Zaheer Sayed, is one of the oldest ACCA members in India having passed out ACCA exams in December 2007 from London. Has vast work experience of over 14 years, having worked with Ernst and Young in Stat Audits to working as Associate Director at the UBS Bank, has in-depth knowledge of finance and accounting world. On academics side, has been teaching for almost 10 years, with ACCA teaching experience of over 6 years specialising in Reporting, Tax and Audits. Has also co-authored over 20 titles for a leading publication house in Pune on varied topics like Economics, Audit, Accounting, etc.


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