Happy New Year

New Year 2023

New year – What next?


New years always bring a renewed level of energy, a sense that we have a fresh white page, a new start, and the time has come to make the change.


If you feel that way, then great, lets think of how you can utilise that to make 2023 a fulfilling year. If not, then why not try it again, think of it as an experiment. Now once you are feeling the way like it’s a new world, start to make some goals for the year. While everyone will tell you that, we will try and give you some examples to help you out. Below are some categories that you can chose to:


1.       Financial Goals – If you are working then how much you want to save, or invest or the kind of returns you want to generate from your savings. Helps you keep a track throughout the year to excel at money management.


2.       Family Goals – Again if you are working or studying like ACCA, then we know how much time commitment goes into it. However giving time to family, celebrating festivals together is equally important. Maybe decide a day in a week where you will just spend time with your loved ones.



3.       Health Goals – You may want to decide how much time every day you want to exercise, look fit, loose weight, gain muscle, etc. These are extremely important goals, since while studying, working, these become a big challenge to manage.


4.       Skilling Goals – In times of today there is no room for people not upgrading their skill on a regular basis. Therefore if there’s any training that you have been putting off for some time, then go for it. It could be technical, soft skills, leadership, anything, just continue to learn.



5.       Self Pamper Goals – Yes, we have to find time to pamper ourselves, it could be buying a new phone, or taking that international holiday. You have to keep yourself happy, else how do you wake up everyday to achieve everything else.


And then there are goals that you can fix to pick up a hobby, maybe learn guitar, play new sports, etc. You can also have goals around spirituality, maybe spend time more time serving the community. Whatever your goals are, make sure you push yourselves so that when you are in Dec 2023, you feel proud of yourself for having achieved things that you had planned for. Not everyone is able to do that, so take a bow and all the best. And wish you a very happy new year!

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