ACCA Exams time : March 2023

ACCA Exam Time

 ACCA Exams time: March 2023


Its that time of the year that you are all worked up and anxious about the upcoming exams. A lot of you are already thinking about pulling the exam entry because you are not prepared. Or you must be thinking, the syllabus is never going to get completed, what’s the point of studying? Or there could be tons of other reasons on why you shouldn’t sit the exam. Please believe us when we say this, almost everyone goes through the same feeling, therefore the only thing you can do is stay calm. Below we have listed five tips to help you stay calm during exams:




1. Practice taking tests: The more you test yourself, the better you will be able to calm down when the time comes. This can be done both before the exam and during it. CBE platform for Skill and Knowledge level students are a blessing, do all the tests that are available there.


2. Relax before the exam begins : Taking some time to relax before beginning the exam will help to keep your nerves under control. This can be done by taking a few deep breaths, focusing on your breathing, or doing some relaxation exercises.


3. Avoid distractions : If you feel yourself getting easily DISTRACTED by television, friends, or anything else, try to focus on the task at hand. This can be difficult, but it is important to try to stay focused. One thing you can do is lock your phone away for a few hours so that you don’t get tempted to keep checking the phone.


4. Take breaks: If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a break. This means sitting down and taking a few minutes to relax and regroup. This is extremely important as a lot of students try to sit at a stretch and complete everything, remember your brain can only digest so many things in those 2 hours. So take breaks regularly.


5. Remember the End Goal: Remind yourself why you are taking the exam. Sometimes all it takes to help stay calm is reminding yourself of why you are taking the exam. This can be anything from personal reasons (to improve your skills) to a bigger goal (to get into a better college or get a job).


Hope this helps. Remember, the exam is only a small hurdle in your life, the better you are prepared and the calmer you stay, the easier would be pass this hurdle. All the very best!



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