Sitting for 2 or more ACCA papers this September?


So a lot of students this time will probably be sitting two or more papers because of the June exam session cancellation. Now most of us are used to giving one paper at a time because that is the biggest plus point of the qualification that it gives flexibility. However due to Corona unfortunately most of the students missed the opportunity of sitting the June session hence most have now been trying to prepare for two papers. But is this something impossible to do or unachievable to do, absolutely not!  

Many students may not be aware that ACCA for many many years did only two exam sessions a year one in June and one in December. People who have passed out ACCA during those times are well aware of how the exams can be prepared if you are sitting for two or more papers. We spoke with our resource member Zaheer Sayed who teaches at financial planning Academy in Mumbai who helped us understand how things were different and how he prepared for papers when there were only two sessions were there. Considering he finished ACCA in 2007, the students will need to use the experience and then further improvise for the current times. 

In his words " back in the day when we were doing ACCA it was very common for students to prepare for or two or three papers in fact when I sat for the paper the last time in December 2007 I gave three papers of professional level at one go. And obviously since I mentioned it was my last setting, still glad that I had cleared all three of them at one go. Today things are different  as students can sit for one paper at a time and still be able to clear 4 papers in a year which was always the intention back in the day as well. So if you were going to prepare for two papers this time make sure that the time allocated to both the papers are equal and then  depending on which paper you are slightly less confident you can put more hours on that paper. Also make sure that you are not studying one paper throughout the day or throughout the week. Also always try to break the day in the two subjects that your chosen, so  pick up a Theory based paper in the morning if you are a morning person so that it is easier for you to absorb the concepts and in the second half of the day you can pick up the numericals. 

Similarly make sure you have done at least 2 full mocks for the paper once you are done with the textbook and exam kit practice. Do not forget the examiner’s report and Technical articles, students who go through these always will have an edge and be able to get more marks.  If possible when you do the mock try and get them assessed from any one possible, be it your learning providers or friends or family. As Long as you have a standard answer in front of you assessing your paper should not be difficult.

Lastly stay positive and confidence, put in your 100% and passing both the papers should not be a challenge.  Whenever possible do take a breather even if it means you have to watch the latest shows on Netflix and Amazon, feel free to take a break and indulge. This way your brain is balanced, and a happy you will do a lot better in exam then sorrowful one.  All the best and do well!”

Here’s wishing everyone all the very best for the upcoming ACCA exams. Do book your seats as there are multiple slots made available, chose the slot which you prefer. Try and select 2 papers in 2 different weeks if that’s possible.


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