Meet the ACCA Topper - Nathasha Dias

Meet the ACCA Topper - Nathasha Dias

Nathasha Nikita Dias is September 2021 sessions Top Affiliate from India with Worldwide Rank 1. She has proven that nothing is impossible and if you have the right attitude and efforts the journey is rewarding and glorious. Hope you enjoy this article, do share your feedback. A BIG thanks to Nathasha for taking out time to do this for the ACCA Club India, we will always be proud of you! Below are the interivew excerpts.

Full Name: Nathasha Nikita Dias

City, Country: Bangalore, India

Additional Qualifications if any: Bachelor of Commerce (International Accountancy and Finance)

Current Employer: Deloitte India (Offices of the US)

Role: Audit Assistant


Q1) When did you start your ACCA Journey?

Ans) I started my ACCA Journey in December 2019. I was part of an integrated programme which exempted me from the first 6 papers.


Q2) Was there any change in your perception about the course before and after you joined the course?

Ans) The changes were only positive. The course is flexibly structured making it very convenient to attempt exams as well as in terms of gaining the required work experience . I could decide on the papers I wanted to give each session. The pandemic did not result in a long interruption of my academic journey with the introduction of remotely proctored exams by ACCA. There may have been initial ups and downs but ACCA managed it well.


Q3) How did you prepare for the exams including the content that you used?

Ans) I made use of a range of study materials. I primarily used the Kaplan study materials. I began my study by creating a brief timeline and then set daily goals of things that needed to done. I started with the study text and gained a deep understanding of the syllabus and then moved on to question practice. Along the way I refered to technical articles and practiced on the CBE platform. I made use of the specimen and past papers available on the website as well. Towards the end of my study I refered to the exam team's guidance and reports to understand the most common ways to go wrong and the expectations of the examiners.


Q4) Is there something that needs to be done differently to get the rank like you did, i.e. is it practice or number of hours or learning partner?

Ans) All you need is Determination and Dedication. I used to start my exam prep about a month before the exam. I would prepare for 4 to 6 hours daily. I would also put in extra hours if required. ACCA has a lot of resources on their website which are very useful. Practicing questions is very important especially on the CBE practice platform to get familiar with it easing exam navigation.  By practicing questions, you become aware of the various kinds of questions and the different ways of answering. You begin to understand what is expected of you in your answers to gain the maximum marks.


Q5) What are your future plans, more studies or job or business?

Ans) I haven't decided on future studies yet. At the moment, I plan to work and complete my PER to attain my Membership. I plan to work in the Audit and Accounting Advsiory field. Fraud and Forensic investigation also captures my attention.


Q6) Any advise to our club members how they can achieve the success you have?

Ans) I know that exam preparation can get a little hectic and frustrating. Make sure you give yourself time to relax. You'll be able to start with a calm and relaxed mind.

Be determined to put in the hours you require to study. Some people take time, others take little- Find what works best for you.

There may be ups and downs, but don't give up, keep going.


Q7) Any final comments including your feedback about the ACCA course?

Ans) I'm glad to have taken ACCA as it has helped me in performing my responsibilities well  at work. It has given me the foundation I need to explore various roads in front of me. I know my ACCA qualification will back me up in my career.



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