Is this your first Job Interview for Finance and Accounting profile??


 Our large member base today consists of students who are looking for their job break or will be hitting the job market soon. And we often get requests from the members on how to prepare for the interview? What are the common questions? What are the salaries that can be expected? Etc.

So we thought today we will list some of the most common questions that asked in a job interview especially keeping in mind fresher level Finance and Accounting profile.

Firstly the most basic questions that gets asked in any job profile interview is “Tell us something about yourself”

The answer to this question should also be very basic, i.e. start with your educational qualification, let’s say you are fresh commerce graduate from xyz college, and also pursuing ACCA with only 4 papers to go. Now you may not already have any paid/work experience however see if you can throw any experience you may have gotten at college/university say organising an event, looking for marketing partners, suppliers etc. Make the answer interesting so that the interviewer feels the confidence in your voice.


The next question probably would be “Why are you applying for the job with us?”

The answer to this should be again very simple that you are at the start of your career and learning and personal developments are your primary requirements, and your organisation would be able to provide me the platform to do that. Also you have always wanted to work with a company that is employee friendly and forward looking and hence your company would be my ideal place to start the career.


Another question that can be asked is “Why do you think you are the right person for the job?”

To this you can say that the skill set required for the job are your core skills. Let’s say the job requires you to do book keeping, then mention that you have very strong IFRS knowledge and you would love to be able to apply the learning you have gotten while pursuing ACCA/College/any other relevant degree to the work place. The job may require spread sheet skills like excel, then again mention while pursuing ACCA you have been able to really polish your excel skills and are comfortable using it for putting tables, pivots, etc. You can also talk about other softer things like you are dedicated, innovative, problem solver, consistent, eager learner, and any other attribute you want to highlight that can help make the interviewers mind that you are the right person for the job.


Another common question is “what are your hobbies?”

Along with the common ones like I like dancing, singing, music, etc. add some more interesting ones as well. Don’t get us wrong, those are good hobbies and you can always throw them in with other more interviews specific like reading, trekking, work out, etc. These hobbies tell that you are patient and avid learner, you like to adventure and not afraid of innovating and lastly you like to look after yourself. If you can do that, you will also look after the job responsibilities.


So the above were some of the common questions that gets asked. You will in addition be asked technical questions about the profile you are applying, like mentioned earlier if its accounting then IFRS standard can be asked. If it’s Management Accounting, then maybe around variances and P&L analysis and how do you report them, for budgeting, what are types of budgets etc.

Hope you find the above bits helpful. If you do have any specific questions in mind, then feel free to write to us on Facebook page of linkedin. All the best!

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